A Solo Exhibition !!


Fortunately I had an opportunity to hold a solo exhibition in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Before leaving Japan, I had lots of things to do. First I had to grasp what the display space

is like and had to make up art works for the exhibition.

I also had to prepare DM and other printings. I was so busy and was filled with anticipation

and anxiety. As for DM, I translated a text into German which was originally written by Mr.

Shigenobu Kimura.


When German staffs started to display my works in the gallery, I was bewildered

because their pace or their way to display was so different from that of Japan.

It might be caused by the differences of the national characters. But soon I

realized they were so efficient at work. Especially concerning lights, I had a lot of

talk with them. They understood what I wanted and gave a careful attention to lights.

It turned out lights had very magnificent effects on each work during the exhibition.

I was worried so much what would become of my exhibition display at first.

But everything went well and I was so satisfied with their display in the end.


;The opening party was held according to a German style. First thecurator introduced

me using the text. And two or three melodies from Bach and Mozart were played by the

violinist. Then we toasted with a German wine ( a German wine, of course, we were

in Germany) in a friendly atmosphere. I talked with lots of people. They asked me many

questions and also asked me to sign my autographs.

Some wanted to buy my works. When the curator asked me, “Are you happy?”,

I was so excited and almost felt crying.